Growing together, going forward, and giving the gospel isn’t just what we are about, it’s what we do.

"Today was my first visit to Forest Hills Baptist Church. Everyone was very welcoming a friendly! I felt right at home worshipping God here. The singing was very positive and the message from the Pastor was very uplifting. The smaller group of people let me at ease, because it can be intimidating going to a large church and not knowing anyone. Great place to worship, check it out!"
— Shannon

Growing to know and love God more through Bible preaching and teaching…

God desires for us to grow to know and love Him more. Church life brings us together under the preaching and teaching of the Bible helping us to accomplish that very thing. The Bible is unlike any other book. The eternal God is its Author. His glory is its aim. Throughout its pages, His purpose is revealed. In the Bible, the lost find hope and the saved find a sure foundation and direction for living. Its product is the renewed mind of man. Its truth is timeless. It has been tested. It can be trusted, and it should exist as the sole authority for all life, faith, and ministry.

Sunday mornings are typically devoted to a book of the Bible, while Sunday afternoons are more devoted to a topic of practical Christian living dealt with from the Bible.

Authentic New Testament Christianity on Display

Sunday Mornings @ 10:30AM

The Book of Acts gives us a wonderful opportunity to see what New Testament Christianity is supposed to be all about. Luke follows the establishment of the Jerusalem church, the ministries of Peter, John, Philip, and Stephen. He also records the birth of the Antioch church, and tracks the ministries of Paul, Barnabas, Timothy, Silas, and others. All of this took place right on the heels of Jesus’ ascension and is on display through Luke’s account for all to see.

Be My Guest – Biblical Hospitality within the Body

Sunday Afternoons @ 1PM

Andy Stanley has said, “The church is a family expecting guests.” The purpose of this lesson series is to help everyone at Forest Hills do a better of job of making every guest, their guest.

As a church, Jesus has called us to be used of Him to take the gospel to the rest of the world.  The preaching and teaching time is vital to this effort.  We gather together so that we may be better equipped for that task.  Through the Bible, God works to shape our minds and hearts to be more like Jesus.  As we subject and submit ourselves to God’s Word, God works to transform us from the inside out, developing within us the love and character of Christ that is essential to making a real and lasting impact on our society.

Growing Still Small Groups

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM

Growing to know and love one another more…

Our Growing Still Small Groups offer a great opportunity to build friendships while applying what you've learned to common life situations. Each Wednesday, you will meet with a group of 8 - 12 people to discuss the main thoughts from the Sunday morning message. Hearing what others learned from the message, how they are applying it to their lives, and perhaps struggles they may be having along the way will help you to make steps toward meaningful change, all in an environment of care and support. It is here that our church grows together. Through our groups we desire for our church to become a real family of faith!

Showing the love of Christ by serving others…

In Mark 10:45, Jesus says to his followers, “For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister.” Nothing says, “I love and care for you” like setting yourself aside to serve others. As a church, we have a message that this world desperately needs – namely, that Jesus loves you and died for you, but much of what we say will not be heard until we take the time to love those we are trying to reach. Through our Growing Still Small Groups we work to show the love of Christ by serving others in our community. The goal of each group is to plan and execute one community outreach project per 13-week period.

Giving the gospel to the world…

The message of the gospel is too important to relegate to one hour or even one day a week. This is a message that needs to go with us everywhere, every day. Our desire and goal at Forest Hills is that the gospel would be at the center of everything we do. Our families, our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, our classmates, our peers, and the many people we run into on a daily basis all need this message. We encourage everyone to leave the assembly each week with gospel tracts in hand, in our Growing Still Small Groups, each person is given gospel tracts to take with them as they leave, and each group goes canvasing once during the 13-week period to canvas an area with invitations to our church that have the gospel message on them.

If Wednesdays don’t work for you, keep an eye on our schedule. As we grow, we plan to offer group options multiple throughout the week to ensure everyone has access to what we consider essential to healthy church life.

Kids & Youth

At Forest Hills Baptist Church, growing together in the Word of God, going forward in the work of ministry, and giving the Gospel to the world isn't just for the adults. It's for everyone!

Sundays @ 10:30AM

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM

During Kidzone, our kids learn about God and His Word. Our desire is that they know Him personally, and grow in their knowledge of and love for Him more and more as they gather together. We also desire for them to grow to know and love one another and others more. They have their time for interaction based on Sunday’s lesson, on Wednesday evenings and they plan and execute their own community outreach projects. The children are also taught and encouraged to share their faith with others.

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM

As of right now, our teens are a part of our adult small groups on Wednesday nights. This is not the plan long-term. As God builds our youth group, and provides an individual to lead, the plan is to give them their own group or groups on Wednesday evenings where they can grow to know and love one another more and work to show the love of Christ by serving others in a fun environment geared more toward their age.

Weekly Schedule at Forest Hills

Morning Worship at 10:30 AM
Afternoon Service at 1:00 PM
Small Groups at 7:15 PM

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