Growing together, going forward, and giving the gospel isn’t just what we are about, it’s what we do.

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Growing to know and love God more through Bible preaching and teaching…

God desires for us to grow to know and love Him more. Church life brings us together under the preaching and teaching of the Bible helping us to accomplish that very thing. The Bible is unlike any other book. The eternal God is its Author. His glory is its aim. Throughout its pages, His purpose is revealed. In the Bible, the lost find hope and the saved find a sure foundation and direction for living. Its product is the renewed mind of man. Its truth is timeless. It has been tested. It can be trusted, and it should exist as the sole authority for all life, faith, and ministry.

Sundays at Forest Hills are devoted to growing to know and love God more through the teaching and preaching His Word.

Authentic New Testament Christianity on Display

Sundays @ 10:30AM & 1:00PM

The 1PM service option is postponed due to flood damage.

The Book of Acts gives us a wonderful opportunity to see what New Testament Christianity is supposed to be all about. Luke follows the establishment of the Jerusalem church, the ministries of Peter, John, Philip, and Stephen. He also records the birth of the Antioch church, and tracks the ministries of Paul, Barnabas, Timothy, Silas, and others. All of this took place right on the heels of Jesus’ ascension and is on display through Luke’s account for all to see.

As a church, Jesus has called us to be used of Him to take the gospel to the rest of the world.  The preaching and teaching time is vital to this effort.  We gather together so that we may be better equipped for that task.  Through the Bible, God works to shape our minds and hearts to be more like Jesus.  As we subject and submit ourselves to God’s Word, God works to transform us from the inside out, developing within us the love and character of Christ that is essential to making a real and lasting impact on our society.

Growing Still Small Groups

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM

Growing to know and love one another more…

Our Growing Still Small Groups offer a great opportunity to build friendships while applying what you've learned to common life situations. Each Wednesday night we gather together before breaking out into groups of 3-5 to pray for missionaries and each other, get to know each other a little more, and discuss the message from Sunday morning. We get to hear what others learned, and see how they are applying the truths to their lives. We even get to see what others may be struggling with in their efforts to learn and grow in their walk with Jesus. All of this happens in an environment of care and support. We are here to grow together, not judge one another.

Showing the love of Christ by serving others…

In Matthew 22:39, Jesus says that the second greatest commandment in all of Scripture is that we would love others as we love ourselves. At Forest Hills, we strive to be a church that loves those around us, but love, like faith, is best demonstrated through action. So, twice a year, we change up our Growing Still Small Groups, for that very reason. Each Spring and Fall, instead of breaking into groups of 3-5 and meeting at the church building, we break into groups of 10-15 and meet at each other's homes. For the next 12 weeks, each group will focus on showing the love of Christ to those in our community by planning and executing at least one community outreach project.

Giving the gospel to the world…

The message of the gospel is too important to relegate to one hour or even one day a week. This is a message that needs to go with us everywhere, every day. Our desire and goal at Forest Hills is that the gospel would be at the center of everything we do. Our families, our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, our classmates, our peers, and the many people we run into on a daily basis all need this message. We encourage everyone to leave the assembly each week with gospel tracts in hand, in our Growing Still Small Groups, each person is given gospel tracts to take with them as they leave, and each group also goes canvassing together at least once during the 12-week period. Each doorhanger we put out has information about our church and the gospel.

Wednesdays are special at Forest Hills. It's during this time that ministry really begins to happen! Email us at for specific group information.

Kids & Youth

At Forest Hills Baptist Church, growing together in the Word of God, going forward in the work of ministry, and giving the Gospel to the world isn't just for the adults. It's for everyone!

Sundays @ 10:30AM & 1PM

The 1PM option has been postponed due to flood damage.

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM

During Kidzone our desire is that the children grow to know and love one another more as they are growing to know and love God more. They are taught about God and His Word on Sunday, and they have their time for interaction based on Sunday’s lesson, on Wednesday evenings. They also plan and execute their own community outreach projects, and are taught and encouraged to share their faith with others.

Sundays @ 1PM

Wednesdays @ 7:15PM

Start date changed due to flood damage. Stay tuned!

The focus for the teenagers at Forest Hills on Sundays and Wednesday is the same as it is for everyone else. Sundays are about growing to know and love God more through the preaching and teaching of His Word in the main service and during FHBC Youth time, and Wednesdays are about growing to know and love one another more and showing the love of Christ to others through their small groups.

Weekly Schedule at Forest Hills

Morning Worship at 10:30 AM
Afternoon Service at 1:00 PM
Small Groups at 7:15 PM

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