Perfection • Love • Living Hope

A miracle moment in history… God’s love was revealed in the most clear and indisputable way possible. Rather than condemn man, God became one so that He could do what He alone was worthy to in an effort to save all from sin and separation making a relationship with Him possible. He gave His life and suffered the judgment that we all so deserve in our place. Our sins have been paid for by The One we have sinned against. The world and many Christians have made God out to be something He is not. He is the loving and just Creator who’s sense of justice demanded payment for wrongs, and who’s sense of love compelled Him to pay it. Don’t push Him away. Come to Him today. Jesus is a man like no other; the God-man. Not only did He die, but being God, death had no hold on Him. Three days later, He rose again triumphantly from the grave, and hope rose with Him. He is Alive. Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Day!

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